We build awesome software solutions for businesses


Your idea

You have a great idea for a new product or service; a need to support a new business initiative, or to overhaul an existing procedure.

We LISTEN, and catch your vision.

And while you retain full ownership of your intellectual property, we work with you to develop your idea, enriching it with our own knowledge and technology experience.

Our brains

We set to work by THINKING.

We seek to understand not just your requirements, but the patterns and structures underlying them.

Once we have distilled the challenge in this way, we get to work, agreeing with you:

  • an architecture for your solution,
  • a design - embracing security, resilience and growth,
  • and a pricing basis that suits your budget

A rapid result

We leverage a suite of open-source apps and tools - our Fast-Start Platform - to realise your idea in the fastest possible time.

These common components can simplify and collapse the implementation by up to 80%.

The result is a robust solution achieved with less effort - meaning less time, less risk, and less cost.

Ongoing rewards

And since we set out to address not only your requirements but the patterns underlying them, our solutions are robust and better able to grow and evolve with you.

This stability manifests itself in year on year savings against maintenance and upgrade costs, and frees your time and resources to focus on building your business.


Our expertise

Typically, we build large-scale cloud based applications that allow a company's customers and/or staff to streamline the transacting of business.  This means we are very familiar with engineering for security, resilience, scalability, integrity and performance.

Our technologies of choice include:

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